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Exploring Japanese Music (EJM) is a project bringing together musicians from around the world to explore and share Japanese music.
EJM presents webinars, workshops and events on Japanese music and its Asian context.
We hope to share the sensitivity of this deceptively simple music with a wider audience.

This project is supported by
Toshiba International Foundation.


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Mayumi Tsuriya

Mayumi Tsuriya

釣谷 真弓

is a koto performer and scholar of Japanese traditional music and Asian folk music.
Stage name: Utafusa Tsuriya

Mayumi Tsuriya

Akiko Nakagawa

中川 明子

is a grand master of koto and shamisen in Seiha, Ikuta-style.
Stage name: Garei Nakagawa

Bobby Griffin

Bobby Griffin

ボビー グリフィン

studied music at the University of Southern Mississippi and the University of West Florida.
Stage name: Gahō

Yuriko Yoshikawa

Yuriko Yoshikawa

吉川 由里子

has formed “Japanese-Instruments Project HANABI" and "The Modern", and performed extensively.
Stage name: Utahari

Ayako Hisamatsu

Ayako Hisamatsu

久松 彩子

graduated from the Department of Japanese Music, Tokyo University of the Arts, and created a textbook and DVD " An Introduction to the Beautiful Sound of the 17-String Koto”. 

Juri Hirano

Juri Hirano

平野 寿里

won the Bronze Award in 2020 at the 27th International Kenjun Koto Competition, and has conducted many performances.
Stage name: Masajuso

Soh Tanomura

Soh Tanomura

田野村 聡

started exploring various musical avenues such as guitar, electronic music production, and DJing from an early age.

Soh Tanomura

Shiori Tanabe

田辺 しおり

Shiori Tanabe was attracted to the freedom and warm tone of the shakuhachi and wanted to become a shakuhachi player.
Stage name: Keizan Tanabe

Junko Matsui

Junko Matsui (EP)

松井 淳子 (EP)

is the creative director and CEO of Executive Press Inc, which promotes the philosophies of excellent organizations and projects to the world.



Japanese Cultural Heritage Initiatives   Columbia University

Morikami Museum and Japanese Garden   Florida, U.S.A.

Japan Culture Promotion and Management